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Thanks to everyone who attended the PULSES 3rd anniversary celebration on Saturday, October 15th. We had a great time and honored some very special people for their outstanding achievement in the area of special education.


Front row, left to right: Nicole Weinstein, Eileen Kurtz, Tara Knubbert-Miller
Back row, left to right: Denise Thompson, Mike Kondor, Eric Eulau


The 5th Annual PULSES Outstanding Service Awards were distributed on November 8 to:


Parents: Saul Kleinman, Megan Ouderkirk, Patricia Phelan

Service Providers: Deb Belsamo, Lisa Bock, Nicole Forbes, Gerald McKinnon, Diane Troeller, Margaret Vogt

School Personnel: Maureen Crocker, Michael Troeger, Adrian Vrogindewey


The 7th Annual PULSES Outstanding Service Awards were distributed on October, 23 to:

Parents:  Debra Buck, Lisa Currao, Linda Lico, Sharon Togman
School Personnel:  Ellen Lain, Clare Lovelace, Donna Napolitano, Joan Pfister, Grace Russo, Annette
Steele, James Weissman

Service Providers:  Tammy Belcher, Eva Blatt, Deanna Bradley, Jan Brunkhorst, Beth Kipperman, Allison
McBee, Julian Romero, Dr. Edward Rossi
Students:  Rachael Cesarz, Nia Oglesby, Ina Oglesby, Kaitlin Phelan

Click here to view photos from the 7th Anniversary Celebration


The 9th Annual PULSES Outstanding Service Awards were distributed on November 10 to:

Families: Kiddian Corujo & Marcos Velilla-Corujo, Max Powers & Family, Gloria Sanchez & Daniella Huerta, Nayfitd Simons-Hejazi & Kais Hejazi
School Personnel: Ryan Gillespie, Brenda Torres-Vera
Service Providers: Dr. Dominique Aristide, Debralee Cevallos, Dr. Diane Cicatello, Tammy
Gelhaus, Laura Guddemi. Michele Hirsch, Mary Anne Martin, Victoria Meehan, Carmen Rafael,
Natasha Tomlins
Students: Hudson Mayer, Brian Walker
Click here to view photos from the 9th Anniversary Celebration

Click here to view videos from the 9th Anniversary Celebration


The 4th Annual PULSES Outstanding Service Awards were distributed on October 23 in Monroe to:


Parents: Holly Borzacchiello , Don Oglesby, Sandra Oglesby, Ruth Quinn, and Michele Hirsch Thompson 

Service Providers: Wendy Allen, Nancy Laffin, and Patricia McDonnell 

School Personnel:  Diana Hanbury King and Christine McCauley 


The 6th Annual PULSES Outstanding Service Awards were distributed on November 7 to:

Parents:  Lorraine Carroll, Mary Carter, Sheila McGroddy
School Personnel:  James Fogarty, Arnold Fucci, Mary Ellen Guba, Tina Howerter, Sheryl Pagageorgantis
Service Providers:  Mike Doran, Anne Klingner, Mike Martucci, Heather Rajnert, Carmen Vega
Students:  Christina Borzacchiello, Andrew Cesarz, Vassilios Dedes, Cosmo Marceano, Ryan Ouderkirk


Click Here to View photos from the 6th Anniversary Celebration


The 8th Annual PULSES Outstanding Service Awards were distributed on October 28 to:

Parents: Evelyn Carrasquillo, Christine Cesarz, Ilene Maddelena, Aaron Weaver, Natalie Weaver
School Personnel: Errin Parese, Kathy Puffer, Timothy Wade
Service Providers: Adrienne Arkontaky, Donna Decker-Lane, William Haas, Micki Leader, Lynda Rosner
Students: Liam Chichester, Kyle Felter, Sammy Lombardoration

Click here to view photos from the 8th Anniversary Celebration


The 10th Annual PULSES Outstanding Service Awards were distributed on October 12 to:

Families: Cindy & Asher Ortiz, Dr. Joseph Pedoto, Carol Pede, & Theresa Pedoto, Amy &
Brooks Wittrock
Parents: AnneMarie Barrett, Berny Vega
School Personnel: Kim Mantineo, Nancy Schneinert, Peter Stika
Service Providers: Alison Beattie, Maria Crisano, Kalifa Darboe, Jimmy Greene, Paul Kohan,
Esq., Fred J. Lauriano, Justine Patane, Katia Paul

Click here to view photos from the 10th Annual Celebration


The 11th Annual PULSES Service Awards were distributed on November 22 to:

Families: Luis & Matthew Abramson, John, Pek Lan, & Jordan Cooper, Evelyn & Bella
Krautsack, Sylvia Abelarde, Deanna & Morgan Vaughan

Parents/Grandparents: Josephine Lauriano, Tarie Lewis, Jennifer Reilly
School Personnel: Alyssa Allessandro, Sandra Brownsey, Susan Buzzell, Elizabeth Corsette,
Melissa Decker, Katherine DeLaRosa, Elizabeth Forte, Johnna Maraia, Meghan McGourty, Cora
Mitchell, Corinne Robinson, Christina Rutella, Mathurine Seraphin, Janine Sprague, Nicole
Service Providers: Gina DeCrescenzo, Esq., Danielle Guido, Erika Torrence
Click here to view photos from the 11th Anniversary Celebration

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 we regretfully have been unable to host our annual Awards Ceremonies. We are here however, to support your needs through virtual means to attend CSE Meetings with parents and students and their CSE Teams through Zoom Meetings...if you are in need of such support contact us through our link below. Additionally, we will be hosting Parent Support Groups and Classes beginning again in the Spring of 2022.




Hope to see you next fall for our next award's dinner honoring the many wonderful people that are making a big difference in the lives of our students. Thank you, Dr. Kathy Gill 

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